Organization :



Curriculum vitae :

Jim Codd, associate director of CIRCA Group Europe, is an experienced Manager. Jim Codd has 20+ years of management experience in the food industry in roles including production management and innovation support. He also has almost twenty years hands on experience of supporting EU Framework Programmes (FP) research funding, including writing applications, contract negotiations and project management. He has experience of acting as financial and administrative manager to 3 large FP6 integrated projects and 4 FP7 projects.

Key tasks in LANDMARK

Contractual and Financial coordination and reporting:

  • Complete and manage consortium agreement (CA) and ensure adherence to the terms of the CA. Manage amendments to CA as required.
  • H2020 Grant Agreement management and amendments as required.
  • Organise meetings relating to contractual and financial matters.
  • Coordinate financial matters between the Commission and LANDMARK.
  • Financial reporting to the Commission and project management team.