Pillar 3

pillar_03This will provide an assessment of policy tools for optimising the supply of soil functions at EU scale. The partners of the LANDMARK consortium have developed the concept of Functional Land Management (Schulte et al., 2014): this is a framework for matching the supply of, and demand for, soil functions at large spatial scales. Examples include changes in land management practices to incentivise intensive food production on fertile soils (to meet global dietary requirements), to support nutrient provision/cycling (with relevance for resource use efficiency), to maintain the demand for water purification (in order to meet the WFD requirements) and to meet the need for soil carbon sequestration (to contribute to EU GHG reduction targets).

LANDMARK will use European databases to define sets of proxy indicators for the five groups of soil functions. These functions will be assessed across the same land-use x soil type matrix used in Pillars 1 and 2. This policy-oriented Pillar 3 will be led by Dr Arwyn Jones (European Commission DG JRC) and will include input from Pillars 1 and 2. This Pillar will have an intercontinental perspective, as it will work with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Sao Paulo to facilitate shared learning on a range of incentivisation programmes and implementation schemes for soil management.


Assessment of Policy Instruments ( task5.5)

Led by Pillar 3 Leader Arwyn Jones (JRC ) in collaboration with Lilian O’Sullivan (Teagasc), Victoria Ballester (USP) and Gan Lin Zhang (CAS)


Open Innovation (task5.6)

Led by Pillar 3 Leader Arwyn Jones (JRC)



  • Deliverable 5.3 Pillar 3 will deliver an options document for future policy tools for functional soil management
  • Deliverable 5.4 Scientific review paper on the intercontinental ‘shared learning’ re soil policies