Pillar 2

pillar_02This Pillar will develop a monitoring schema for the range of soil functions associated with different soil types, land-uses and European major climatic zones (Boreal, Atlantic, Continental, Mediterranean and Pannonian) (regional scale). Many indicators have been developed in the past which focus on threats to soil quality (Kibblewhite et al., 2008) but this terminology has proven difficult to communicate with farmers and land-managers at the local scale (Schulte et al., 2014).

Therefore LANDMARK will focus on indicators that provide the end-user with an assessment of soil functionality instead of threats. The selection of indicators will be performed on existing datasets, as several of the project partners have large scale databases on measurements of soil functions.

The selection of these regional indicators will be synchronous and harmonised with the selection of the on-farm in Pillar 1, and will be reviewed with the main stakeholders of this Pillar. The regional indicators will be tested at 100 sites across Europe, based on a soil type x land-use matrix for the major climatic zones of Europe. Pillar 2 will be co-ordinated by Prof Rachel Creamer (Wageningen University).


Design of a monitoring schema (task 5.3)

Led by Pillar 2 team (WUR 2 & WUR1)


Testing and evaluation of monitoring schema (task 5.4)

Led by Pillar 2 team (WUR 2 & WUR1)


  • Deliverable 5.2  Monitoring schema for regional and European application, testing of discrimination of indicators identified in WP3