Pillar 1

pillar_01This Pillar will oversee the development of a Decision Support Tool (DST) for farmers and advisors, which we will name the Soil Navigator (analogous to the ‘Carbon Navigator’ by Murphy et al., 2013). This Soil Navigator will provide a menu of user-friendly soil management strategies, ranked by cost-effectiveness, to manage the soil functions on individual farms (local scale). This menu will be stratified by pedo-climatic zone and farming system.

Farmers and extension services participating in LANDMARK will be actively involved in developing and testing these tools. Pillar 1 will be co-ordinated by Prof Christian Bugge Henriksen (University of Copenhagen).


Soil Navigator (task 5.1)

Led by Pillar 1 team Christian Bugge Henriksen (UCPH), Jaap Schroder (WUR1) and Marko Debeljak (JSI)


Testing and evaluation of the Decision Support Tool (task 5.2)

Led by the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony (CALS) and Christian Bugge Henriksen (UCPH)



  • Deliverable 5.1 Decision Support Tool for Soil Husbandry, stratified by pedo-climatic zone and land use