Pillar 1

pillar_01This team oversees the development of a Decision Support Tool for farmers and advisors, which we call the Soil Navigator (analogous to the ‘Carbon Navigator’ by Murphy et al., 2013). This Soil Navigator provides a menu of user-friendly soil management strategies to manage the soil functions on individual fields in the farm (local scale). This menu is stratified by pedo-climatic zones, land uses ( cropland and grassland) and farming systems.

Farmers and extension services participating in LANDMARK are actively involved in developing and testing those tool.  The Pillar 1 team is co-ordinated by Prof Christian Bugge Henriksen (University of Copenhagen).


Soil Navigator (task 5.1)

Led by Pillar 1 team Christian Bugge Henriksen (UCPH), Jaap Schroder (WUR1) and Marko Debeljak (JSI)

In October 2017 the LANDMARK Consortium together with the   Stakeholder Steering Committee members evaluated for the first time the soil navigator during the field exercise in farm Burini, Bibbiano, Reggio-Emilia, Italy. More info on the day here.

Figure 1. The LANDMARK consortium together with the SSC members, the Burini farmer, the Emilia- Romagna region colleagues of the monitoring system and the EIP-AGRI OGs partners of PRATI-CO, October 2017, Bibbiano, Reggio-Emilia, Italy.

Figure 2. Discussion and evaluating the app of the soil navigator with the farmer in front of the soil biodiversity DEXi tree attributes.

Figure 3. Discussion and evaluating the software tool of the soil navigator with the Primary Productivity researcher and our SSC members.

In October 2018 the LANDMARK Consortium together with the   Stakeholder Steering Committee members conducted a second evaluation workshop for the soil navigator during the field exercise in a grassland and in cropland field of a farm in Denmark. More info on the day here.


Testing and evaluation of the Decision Support Tool (task 5.2)

Led by Talke Heidkross and Kirsten Madena from the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony (CALS) and Christian Bugge Henriksen (UCPH)

Figure 4. The Danish soil pedologist is explaining the characteristics of the soil and the farmer is sharing the information on the land use and soil management practices applied.

Figure 5. The Danish farmer is trying the soil navigator tool together with our Slovenian modeller.


The plan for 2019 is to:

  • Complete the database of suggested management options
  • Complete the evaluation workshops in EU countries ( Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Germany)
  • Adjust the Soil Navigator based on these evaluation workshops
  • Translate the Soil Navigator to German, French and Danish
  • Organize on-farm tests of Soil Navigator – Are you interested? EMAIL US!
  • Finalize the Soil Navigator to make it ready for deployment in August 2019

Deliverable 5.1 Decision Support Tool for Soil Husbandry, stratified by pedo-climatic zone and land use