Stakeholder engagement: Harvesting existing knowledge

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Description of work

Work Package 1 has four objectives:

  1. Define concepts and terminologies used on the topic of soil quality and soil functions.
  2. Assess and quantify stakeholder prioritisation of soil functions.
  3. Review existing knowledge from literature.
  4. Develop a Strategic Research Agenda for LANDMARK.

But also assists WP5 in identifying and planning the optimum mode of delivery of the Soil Navigator Decision Support Tool (Pillar 1) , Monitoring Schema (Pillar 2)  and Policy Options (Pillar 3), through a process of stakeholder consultations.


The glossary is available in EnglishGerman, Spanish , Italian and soon in French and can be also  checked  interactively  online here


This report is designed for the various stakeholders concerned with soil and land management. The document is divided into two parts: PART A (page 1-60) describes the methodology undertaken to harvest the stakeholders knowledge and synthesizes the results into descriptive tables and graphics; PART B (page 61-394) consists of the two guides used to run the workshops and a collection of the individual reports of the 32 workshops carried out, each with detailed description of outcomes, agenda, participants and workshop’s evaluation.


  • Deliverable 1.3 Three scientific review papers on Soil Functions (local, regional, EU scales)

Pillar 3 paper from Vrebos et al. on The Impact of Policy Instruments on Soil Multifunctionality in the European Union and his publication tree

Pilla 2 paper from van Van Leeuwen, et al. on Gap assessment in current soil monitoring networks across Europe for measuring soil functions   and hid publication tree


  • Deliverable 1.4 Strategic Research Agenda ..coming soon..


How are we doing in our first 18 months?

WP1 has done a tremendous job to date and has succeeded in producing a project glossary, which will also been used by other projects and European Commission initiatives. The glossary has also been translated into three other languages as well as the original English version. In addition WP1 has carried out 32 workshops to a range of stakeholders including farmers, industry, legislators and policy makers across Europe. This required a very strong co-ordination, development of support materials, pilot workshops, translation of materials, templates for presentations and the final collation of all the material. Detailed literature reviews have been completed as part of the project for the three pillars, through three scientific papers, but have been since finalized , two papers submitted. The paper for pillar 3 is already in print in the journal of Sustainability. The final task of WP1 is the Strategic Research Agenda, which was based upon the amalgamation of the other tasks in WP1.