LANDMARK Project Management

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Description of work

Work package 5 will deliver the main LANDMARK outcomes through the 3 pillars:

PILLAR 1 (LOCAL SCALE): the Soil Navigator: a Decision Support Tool (DST) for soil management that optimises soil functions, both from an agronomic and ecosystem function perspective, and that sustains soil functions by mitigating threats to soil quality [Task 5.1 and 5.2 ] ;

PILLAR 2 (REGIONAL SCALE): a monitoring scheme for soil functions that is applicable at regional scale, for a range of soil types, land uses and pedo-climatic zones [Task 5.3 and 5.4] ;

PILLAR 3 (EU SCALE): policy options for ‘Functional Land Management’ at EU scale, which aims to optimise the sustainable use of Europe’s soil resource [Task 5.5 and 5.6].


How are we doing in our first 18 months?

WP6 work is concerned with the on-going management of the project and associated co-ordination of the scientific, technical, administrative and financial obligations of the project. As such WP6 is split in three tasks which deal with: Task 6.1) Communication, Task 6.2) Self-monitoring and evaluation and Task 6.3) Financial and contractual management led by CIRCA. All these tasks are continuously running on time. LANDMARK has presented at several conferences and workshops during this period.