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LANDMARK is a European Research Project on the sustainable management of land and soil in Europe. The questions that LANDMARK aims to address are: “How can we make the most of our land ? How can we ensure that our soils deliver on the many expectations we have of our land ?”…




LANDMARK adopted a common visual identity and branding to strengthen the corporate image of the project and the Consortium. Discover our Communication tools (Publication trees, Glossary, Newsletter, Photos and Videos)

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Our publication trees permit to visualize what the project is producing to communicate outputs and outcomes to a wide variety of stakeholders and the public. Each time LANDMARK publishes a scientific paper this will give birth to a new publication tree.



April 25, 2019
Agricultural Land Use and Feedbacks in a Changing Climate Final Conference
Stuttgart, Germany

Meeting agenda

Prof Rachel Creamer (WUR) will give a keynote on “How can we assess the multi-functionality of our soils in a changing climate? From measurement to policy perspectives” the 25th of April 2019 at the Final Conference of the DFG Research Unit 1695 Regional Climate Change “Agricultural Land Use and Feedbacks in a Changing Climate”  in Stuttgart, Germany.

More info can be found here and conference programme.

The event is organised by

May 10, 2019
Common Forum meeting 2019

Meeting agenda

Landmark will participate at the  COMMON FORUM Springtime meeting on May 8-10, 2019 in Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, 4, Place de l’Europe, L-1499 Luxembourg hosted by Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures.

The core topic of exchanges sessions are scheduled with:

  • Background concentrations/values
  • How to strengthen European soil policy
  • Effectiveness in soil protection – how to measure success

The Working Group “Soil as a Resource” will convene for the 5th meeting on May 8, 2019.

More info

May 17, 2019
Laboratory Skills Course in Soil Biology and Biochemistry WUR 2019

Meeting agenda

WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITYLaboratory Skills Course in Soil Biology and Biochemistry

13-17th May 2019 Wageningen University and Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

This will include training in soil quality parameters such as labile C, microresp – respiration, extracellular enzyme activity, nematode and enchytraied extraction and basics of identification. Earthworm sampling and identification.

Registration is closed.
Fee: *Reduced fee of 500 euros and full price registration is 1000 euros.

*The reduced fee applies to BSc and MSc students, PhD candidates, staff of public (national) institutes and organizations based in ODA-listed countries

More info

Contact Rachel Creamer (

In collaboration with the Soil Biology Laboratory Skills course:

ISRIC Spring School

20th to 24th May 2019

which provides an excellent introduction to soil classification or digital soil mapping.

More info


August 9, 2019
7th International Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference

Meeting agenda

Dr David Wall (TEAGASC) will give a keynote to speak about the Soil Navigator use in farms, possible trade-off on Low Carbon Initiatives related to biodiversity, water use or nutrient management at the  7th International Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference  to be held in Iguassu Falls, Brazil, from 4th to 10th August 2019.

More info

August 26, 2019
Soil Horizons – soil quality and soil functions H2020 workshop
Impulse Speakers corner, Wageningen University and Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Meeting agenda


Monday 26th August 2019

10.00 – 16.00

Impulse Speakers corner, Wageningen University and Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands


This is a side event organized by  iSQAPER & LANDMARK H2020 projects happening the Monday before the start of the  Wageningen Soil Conference ( 27th- 30th of August 2019).

More info coming soon.



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